Drain Cleaning and Snaking

Have a clogged drain? A slow draining tub or washbasin? Call us for drain unclogging and cleaning services.

Clogged drains are the most common plumbing problem. They can be caused by many things, though most are usually foreign object blockages. This is due to things going down a drain that aren’t supposed to be there, such as hair or grease. There are a few options for unclogging drains, and nobody does it better or faster than Plumber & Plumbing Toronto Co.

Drain Snaking

The number one go-to for any drain blockages or clogs is the drain snake. A drain snake is essentially a metal tube with a special head on it. The tube is force down the drain, and the head has blades on it. As the tube moves down the drain, the blades spin and break up any debris that is lodged within. This creates a hole which water can flow through once again.

This is effective for issues such as hair clogging a drain or some other sort of object, such as food, which has become lodged deep down in the drain.


Drain snaking will solve most blockages, but may leave some debris behind, which can lead to more build-up and another clog down the road. For harder clogs and complete cleaning, the hydro-jetting machine is required. This machine is basically a pressure washer for your drains.

Our plumbing technicians feed a tube into your drains and blast it clean with pressurized water. This can ensure that any grease build-up, or scale build-up from hard water is removed. If your drains have been used for years without a proper cleaning, you may notice that they don’t drain as fast as they used to. After a hydro-jetting a drain line should be working just like it did when it was new.

Drain Inspection

We have special drain snakes with cameras on the end that can be used to inspect drains. Read more about this technique on our drain inspection page.

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