Drain Inspection

Been a while since your last inspection? We recommend having your drains inspected annually or bi-annually to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

We can inspect all of the drain lines in your home using CCTV camera systems. These cameras are specialized drain snakes with a camera on the head, and can be inserted into the drain lines and fed through. Our technicians can see what’s going on inside the drains, and even make a recording for later diagnosis.

Issues such as cracked pipes, leaky pipes, tree root intrusion, clogged drains, and more can be detected during a CCTV drain inspection.

Get an inspection before you buy

If you have just bought a new home or building, or are thinking of buying a certain property, it is highly recommended that you have a full inspection performed on the plumbing. This will illuminate any problems that could be lurking under the surface.

If you are planning a new expansion on your home or building, but are unsure of where the current plumbing is leading due to it being underground, we can map out the plumbing system using our cameras. This is especially useful if you are adding something like a new bathroom to your home.

Follow-up Your Drain Cleaning with an Inspection

Before having any sort of drain cleaning or repair done, we recommend a complete inspection of the lines. This is a great precursor to a drain snaking or hydro-jetting, as it allows us to locate the problem, and combat it directly. After the cleaning or snaking is finished, we can inspect again to make sure that nothing was missed.

The CCTV camera is an invaluable tool in any plumber’s arsenal, and we are proud to employ it often.

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