Drain Repair

Broken or leaky drain lines? Burst sewage drain? Give Plumber & Plumbing Toronto Co. a call to get your drains fixed now!

Most drain lines run underneath the house, deep underground. This can make it difficult to detect a problem until waste starts to bubble up out of the ground. For this reason, we suggest you get regular drain inspections to identify problems before they become a catastrophe.

If you do happen to have a problem with your drain line, your first concern might be that it will have to be dug up to be fixed. This is sometimes the case, but there are now other methods that we can employ to repair a drain line with no digging required. Read on to learn more about trenchless drain repair methods.

No-dig Drain Repair

If the problem is an old, leaky drain pipe, we may be able to solve the problem with a cured-in-place pipe liner (CIPP liner). This is a flexible liner that is coated with a special adhesive glue. We insert the liner into the old drain pipe and feed it all the way through the pipe. Once it’s in place, the liner is then pressurized with air or water. This causes it to expand so that the glue on the outside sticks to the old pipe. Once the liner cures, the drain can be used again – free of leaks!

If the entire drain line has to be replaced, we may be able to use a trenchless drain replacement method called ‘pipe bursting’ to replace it. This requires the use of a special machine that follows the old pipe, and breaks it apart while replacing it with the new pipe.

Not all situations can be solved with trenchless methods, and it may be that the pipe will have to be dug up and patched or replaced. We use only the highest quality materials and follow all the best practices and international plumbing codes to ensure that your new drain line will last a long time.

So give us a call if you’ve had a frozen drain line that burst, or just have leaky problematic drains.

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