Plumbing Repairs

Are you in need of plumbing repairs? If you are having an emergency, please see our Emergency Plumbing Service.

Any plumbing system can have many points of failure. From a leaky faucet to a burst water main, these problems can cause a major headache for any homeowner. It’s always good to have a real licensed plumbing contractor on hand to handle these sorts of situations.

Plumbing Retrofitting

Retrofitting your plumbing can be a huge help towards reducing your water bill. There are many types of retrofits that can be applied, from more efficient showerheads to toilet retrofits. Ask us about retrofitting your plumbing today.

Leaky Faucets

A leaky kitchen faucet or showerhead might not seem like a big deal, but over time these leaks can add up to thousands of gallons of water. All of this water is literally going down the drain, and into your water bill!

Another common problem is hidden leaks, which can occur inside of the walls of your home. These leaks may be hidden from sight, and you might not even notice them until you see mold creeping out from your walls. This mold is pretty hazardous to your health, so it’s in your best interest to get it taken care of.

Often a plumbing problem is just a small symptom of a much bigger issue. A single point of failure in a plumbing system usually means that the system is old, in disrepair, or hasn’t been properly maintained. If one piece is failing, it is likely that there are other pieces failing at the same time.

For this reason, you should consider having your plumbing inspected if you are having problems. The symptoms that you are seeing might just be the ‘tip of the iceberg’, and you could end up seeing a lot more problems later on.

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