Sump Pumps

If water happens to get into your basement, a sump pump can keep this from becoming a disaster. Here’s how it works:

The floor of the basement is graded to lead downwards into a low point. The low point is fitted with a drain. Underneath the drain is a sump pump, which is a submersible electric pump. Any water in your basement will flow down the grade into the drain, and be pumped out by the sump pump.

Installation & Maintenance

We can install sump pumps, as well as back-up power supplies, and perform maintenance on them to keep them in good working condition should they be needed.

It is important to have your sump pump checked regularly, as they can and do fail from time to time. Sometimes they merely get clogged up with debris and need to be cleaned out.

Back-up Sump Pump Power

Another important aspect of a sump pump is having a back-up battery power supply. In the extreme weather conditions that cause flooding, power outages are also common. A back-up power supply can keep the sump pump working even if the power goes out.

Contact us for information on sump pump installation and maintenance.

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